5 Tips for Slim Thighs

5 Tips for Slim Thighs

At about 18 % of body fat percentage women’s thighs begin to slim down. Knowing your thighs is the first important thing to do so you could choose the best option for you to make them look shaped and nicely toned up. We prepared a short test which will help you find out what type of thighs you have and whether you need to get rid of thighs’ fat or to melt down muscular thighs. Follow the steps:

  • Place your leg straight and tighten up thigh muscles
  • Pinch the skin

You will know you have large muscles, little or no fat at all, and little or no cellulite if there is a bit to pinch.

You will know you have fat thighs with cellulite if there is a lot to pinch.

Cardiovascular Exercise for Slim Thighs

Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to slim down your thighs. Since you aim at burning fat, not gaining the muscle mass, you should stick to the low incline (treadmill) and low resistance (for example, stationary bike, elliptical trainer). If exercising outdoors, avoid hilly or steep areas. Your workout intensity should be moderately high. Monitor your heart rate on a heart rate calculator.

Workouts to Avoid

We bring you the list of exercises that you should not be doing if you want to slim down your thighs. Do not let yourself be misled; many of them are often presented as beneficial for burning fat. Exercises like lunges, stiff leg dead lifts, calf raises and leg extensions (especially with heavy weights), and squats are not good for slimming down you want to achieve. Stay away from the step machine/Stairmaster as well. However, you may include them in your workout once you get rid of fat on your thighs.

Long – duration Cardio for Slim Thighs

Make sure to include a long – duration cardio exercise into your routine; it will help you burn fat and work out a small muscle fiber but will not increase big thigh muscles’Β  growth. This increase happens with high intensity cardio, such as HIIT and sprinting, so you better avoid those methods even though they may be great for fat burning. To understand our point better, just think of athletes; sprinters have very big thigh muscles unlike the endurance runners whose legs are much slimmer, right?

Resistance Training for Slim Thighs

After you got rid of fat from your thighs, it is time to take care of their definition and shape. The resistance training will help you; it will increase your muscle mass and firm them. Just make sure that your weights are moderately high (not more than 70% of one – lift max), that is aim for less resistance, but more reps. Mesomorphic body type should be careful with this type of workouts because they already have muscle mass.

Endurance Training for Slim Thighs

A great way to slim your thighs down is to go for the endurance running. It will help you shape up your thighs to perfection. Just make sure to do it with very little or not incline at all. You can use the elliptical trainer as well, but it has to be with little or no resistance. You have to take care of your posture. If you position yourself right, it will target your outer thighs, back part of thighs (hamstring muscles), glutes and it will ease the pressure on the front part of your thighs (quadriceps) so they do not muscle up.