How To: Choose a Lawn Mower

If your present lawn mower was created to last, it’s likely been some time since you’ve looked for a brand new one! Whenever your reliable mower does ultimately reduce its last edge, you might find it difficult to select an upgraded.

Understanding often means the distinction between having a device that continues and needing to create a return visit to the garden supply store, so we wanted out John Deere for suggestions about how to select a lawn mower.

Know Your Yard

Before you actually sort “lawn mower” into Google, have a look around your garden. Knowledge of the home your mower must manage can help you narrow down the options.

What size is the lawn? If it’s significantly less than a half-acre, a walk-behind mower must do the secret. If it’s bigger than a half-acre, look at a driving mower—but don’t forget maneuverability. If you’ll have to group around a tree or two, your evaluation will include a mower’s turning radius.

What about hills? On hilly terrain, a riding mower or self propelled walking mower can make your life easier. Furthermore, keep in mind the caliber of your grass—is it lean or heavy? To ensure maximum performance on thick or rough grass, choose a device with greater power and bigger wheels. And read lawn mower user reviews.


Before investing in a riding mower, consider its level of comfort into consideration. Search for designs that feature adjustable chairs; armrests and back supports are an additional plus. Mowers such as the John Deere Select Collection X300 actually feature a cupholder.


Among the most significant facts to consider is security. Any mower you’re considering should immediately turn off when the owner produces the push-bar or leaves the chair. In the event of riding mowers particularly, search for base controls, as these inspire the owner to make use of your hands around the wheel. And undoubtedly, remember the significance of the parking brake!

After-Sale Service

Bear in mind that the new mower may, and will probably, need maintenance within the span of its lifetime. Save time, cash, and complications by selecting a reliable producer that provides fast repair service.