What Hepatitis C Treatment Specialist Do?

Close to numerous destructive sicknesses Hepatitis C is one of them. Hepatitis C is one of the deadliest sicknesses on the planet. The disease is more dominant among the poor people who are having poor socioeconomic status.

According to vigilant estimates, more than 100 million people in the world are infected with Hepatitis-C and out of these almost 20 million can be categorized as having serious liver disease, and 7 million are known to being at a greater risk of developing liver cancer.

As concerned with the treatment of this disease the authorities like World Health Organization is not caring about this disease. As vaccination of polio is a sponsored by these international agencies and are greatly helpful in vanishing polio from the developing countries. So it is highly recommended that hepatitis C eradication programs should be driven by international organizations too.

One of the many reasons of spreading hepatitis c is the lack of presence of hepatitis c treatment specialist in the countries. The doctors who treat the patients with hepatitis c are quite expensive that not all the people can afford their fees and after the medicine which they suggest is too expensive and above the range of a normal person. So for this, because doctors should also step forward to save humanity.

Hepatitis-C treatment involved a 6-12-month treatment plan. This also includes an Interferon-based regimen that provided cure rates of 60%. This is also associated with severe side effects including anemia, depression, severe rashes, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue.