What Is Collagen Good For ?

What is collagen…Collagen is the stuff that keeps your body together. Without collagen, we’d actually break apart. Over 80 percent of your skin consists of collagen. It’s also the primary element of structures and muscles. Collagen is one of the most abundant protein in most animals. More technically, collagen is “the main insoluble protein within the extracellular matrix as well as in connective tissue,” based on the MolecularCellBiology.com. While collagen might be most widely known because of its uses like a facial skin rejuvenator, it’s critical medical uses, mainly for burn victims.

Collagen and Burn Victims

Collagen is useful within the treatment of burn patients It’s applied to recover and replace burnt skin and also to produce skin substitutes. It’s also popular for those who have light burns on the experience.

Collagen and Joint Mobility

Collagen products are utilized for joint mobility. Proof that collagen might help reduce arthritic problems by performing like a joint lubricant. But Dr. Ray Sahelian, a specialist on collagen and collagen products, says evidence is also sketchy at this time to understand whether collagen can help individuals with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, despite some promising research.

Collagen and Your Skin

The most typical utilization of collagen can be as a skin revitalizer. Based On The Individual’s Guide.com, sunlight damages collagen proteins and connective tissue. This leads to facial veins, lines, sagging skin and thinning lips. Furthermore, collagen degrades with age, therefore most of US can show symptoms of collagen destruction once we grow older.