Why Being Healthy Should Be Your Priority

Being healthy has become one of the defining factors of modern civilization. The millions of dollars and time put into defining what an average human should and shouldn’t consume inorder to improve the quality of their life. One major part of staying healthy is knowing that drinking soda is detrimental for one’s healthy and if you consume for it regularly; you should really look into what to drink instead of soda.

Tea leaves are full of polyphenols such as catechins and flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants. Having very strong medical properties it helps prevent the formation of free radicals inside of the human body which are known to deteriorate health. These antioxidants also help combat carcinogenic elements which produce cancer in the body. It also relaxes the blood vessels stopping the formations of blood clots that trigger heart attacks and strokes. It also contains fluoride which is known for it’s ability of strengthen teeth while the flavonoids build up bones cutting down the chances of osteoporosis and tooth decay.

Green tea is a much better alternative. “Some drinks have tremendous health benefits, from relieving minor ailments like indigestion to protecting against serious ones like osteoporosis,” says Dan Nadeau, MD, medical director of Exeter Hospital’s HealthReach Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Nutrition Center in Exeter, New Hampshire and green tea is one of them. Visit www.ecellulitis.com for more details.